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L 108

Adhesive Chain Lubricant


  • Lubricates effectively roller chains of forklifts, two-wheelers, Bowden cables, hinges etc.
  • Penetrates into difficult to reach areas and ensures lubrication.
  • Excellent wire rope lubricant.


  • Adhesive protects at high speeds.
  • Penetrates all crevices.
  • Protects against rust and corrosion.
  • Extends life of chains/ components.


  • Highly adhesive, does not get thrown off even at high speeds.
  • Effectively penetrates the gaps between bush/roller and the pin.
  • Water repelling character and additives help fight against rusting.
  • The new generation anti-wear additive ensures higher chain /component life.
Can be applied by brush, using a dropper or by simply dipping the chain in L 108.

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