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Lubricant Specialists

Win Win Solutions

HiELube is into Manufacturing and Marketing MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) Products, Corrosion Protection Products and Speciality lubricants.

What we do

Manufacturing and Marketing of High Quality MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) Products, Corrosion Protection Products  and Speciality Lubricants.


Prevent – Breakdowns and lost time with our MRO products
Protect – Standby equipment and in-process inventory with our Corrosion Protection products
Prolong – The uptime of your machines with our Speciality Lubricants

Why Choose HiELube


We choose the most appropriate raw materials for the application. We ensure consistent Quality of the product and maintain the standard.


We have adopted EUROPEAN TRIBO-TECHNOLOGY in our products  to improve the efficiency and effectiveness. The Customer benefits by the extended intervals between applications. 


We incorporate new generation additives in our formulations which enhance the performance of our products, most of the times, exceeding the expectations of the user.

Our Network


The products are available across the country to the customers through our network of sales professionals and Channel partners.

We are experienced

Our Promise is to deliver “Value For Money” through our products.

  • We are focused on manufacturing and marketing MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) products, Corrosion protection Products and speciality lubricants which enable effective asset management and value enhancement solutions for the customers.
  • We endeavor to offer high quality, optimum performance alternatives that are more cost effective & do not have deleterious residual effects, by developing formulations involving safe ingredients.
  • Profitable, inclusive growth for all stakeholders is our goal.

About us

Providing Assured Quality products to the Market.

HiELube Specialities a company promoted and supported by professionals having  over 40 years of industrial experience in the areas of New product development, Application Engineering, Commercialization of the developed products, Manufacturing and Process/ product improvements.

Our experience and expertise is in Chemical and process plants, involving Speciality Lubricants, Maintenance and corrosion protection products, water based and solvent based solutions, pastes, slurries and emulsions.

High Quality, Carefully Sourced Materials

Appropriately tailored, “No-Frills” solutions.

Honest & Competitive Prices

Our Products

Our HiELube brand of MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) products, Corrosion protection Products and speciality lubricants which enable effective asset management solutions for the customers.

In Phase I, Oil and Solvent based products for the MRO, Corrosion protection segments and some speciality Oils  are offered.
In Phase II, Semi solid and greases are planned.



Corrosion Protection





Contact Info

Contact us with your enquiries at the following numbers

+91 9148972370 / +91 9353792935 / +91 9008703310

Office Location

No 64, C-2, Hootagalli Industrial Area, MYSORE : 570 018