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L 105

High Performance Cleaner & Degreaser

HiELube L 105

Non Live Contact Liquid

Not to be used on Live Contacts

HiELube L 105 Non Live Contact Liquid is an effective cleaning agent for Non live electric circuits. It should be used only when the power is off and the circuits are not live. Its penetrating action ensures cleaning of any grease and dirt on the contacts. It is not very effective on corroded or blackened contacts.



  • Cleaning of non live Electrical controls, relays, PCB’s, switches, motors, connectors, generators, ignition systems, terminals, sensors, circuit breakers, plugs & sockets, fuse boxes
  • Transformers, switchgears, bearings, generators, gears, tuners, busbars, connectors,
  • Potentiometers, solenoids, capacitors, communication equipment.
  • Cleaning of non live contacts in Instruments.
  • Cleaning of non live contacts inPCB’s and other devices.


  • Cleans the contacts and circuits in place without any need to remove or dismantle.
  • Low Toxicity.
  • Does not affect plastic components and insulators.
  • Does not leave any residue.
  • Free from Ozone depleting substances.

Modes of Action

  • It penetrates well into the parts to quickly clean and remove Flux, Grease, Oil, Carbon, Moisture, dirt, oxides and other contaminants to quickly restore heavily used contacts
  • Evaporates quickly

Physical* properties and performance information —  HiELube L 105

Non Live Contact Liquid

Not to be used on Live Contacts 

*of the active ingredient

Directions for Use:

  (Ensure adequate ventilation before use)


  1. Shake the can well, before use
  2. For reaching inaccessible areas, use the extension tube provided with the can.
  3. Holding it upright at a distance of about 200 to 300 mm, point towards the area of application, and spray.
  4. In stubborn cases, wait for the product to penetrate and repeat spraying.
  5. Always, close the container lid securely after use.

Directions for Storage

The Propellant is flammable!

  • Store in a cool, dry place at <49 deg C and away from heat sources
  • As with any new chemical substance, it is recommended that the Material Safety Data Sheet be reviewed prior to use.



 The information contained in the data sheet reflects the state of know-how and the results of tests and application studies. This information can be regarded as indicative for suitable applications and is not necessarily transferable to specific instances. Accordingly we recommend, that trials be conducted on specific applications before any general product use. No direct or indirect liabilities are accepted unless specified

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