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L 102

Thickener Based Corrosion Protection

HiELube L 102

Thickener based corrosion protection

HiELube L 102, – Thickener based  corrosion protection Liquid leaves a thin film of lubricant on the surface, which protects it from corrosion. The film can be easily removed using any common solvent, if necessary for any post operation. The product  has no effect on paints. It is available in 500 ml aerosol can.



  • Corrosion Protection for finely machined components, spare parts and moulds
  • Effective for corrosion protection during storage in moderate environments
  • Can be used while transporting without much relative motion between coated items

Modes of Action

  • Spreads evenly when sprayed
  • Solvent evaporates quickly
  • Leaves a uniform coating
  • Inhibits corrosion
  • Protects against corrosion


  • Metal parts covered with the product are protected against corrosion
  • Coated parts do not need extensive cleaning before next operation
  • Can be used on painted surfaces also
  • Has no adverse effect on rubber or plastic
  • Coating Can be removed by solvent/ alkaline cleaners or simply by wiping off

Physical* properties and performance information –  HiELube L 102

Thickener based corrosion protection Liquid

Directions for Use:

  (Ensure adequate ventilation before use)


  1. Shake the can well, before use
  2. Clean, degrease and dry the surface before application of the product
  3. Holding it upright at a distance of about 100 to 200 mm, point towards the area of application, and spray
  4. When more thickness of coating is desired, wait for the product to dry and repeat spraying
  5. Reverse the can and spray away from the work area to avoid clogging of nozzle

Directions for Storage

The Propellant is flammable!

  • Store in a cool, dry place at <49 deg C and away from heat sources
  • As with any new chemical substance, it is recommended that the Material Safety Data Sheet be reviewed prior to use



The information contained in the data sheet reflects the state of know-how and the results of tests and application studies. This information can be regarded as indicative for suitable applications and is not necessarily transferable to specific instances. Accordingly, we recommend, that trials be conducted on specific applications before any general product use. No direct or indirect liabilities are accepted unless specified.

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