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HiElube Specialities is one of trusted MRO* Brand.

A quick Glance at hielube offerings

* Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul


First Things First„..Cleaning, Degreasing are the first steps for most repair / re-lubrication work…Our HiELube L 106 and its aerosol version HiELube A 106 are effective for cleaning & degreasing metal surfaces and cleaning bearings by removing oil, grease and dirt residues in most jobs. For intricate assemblies / stubborn residues, we recommend HiELube L 120 or HiELube A 120 which have high penetration and are fast evaporating…


In spite of your best efforts, sometimes things get rusted„. and the important step is to loosen the rust.. Our Rust Release Liquid and its aerosol products HiELube L 114 and HiELube A 114 are ideal for loosening rust and preventing flash rusting by providing protection before next action….


Tighten Belts and increase profits… always relevant for a business.„ our HiELube A 107, Belt Conditioning Spray helps to keep clean and maintain belts in good condition, reduces slippage and improves grip and prevents slippage and squeaking…thereby extends belt life


One solution, Many Needs…. When you need something ready at hand for multiple purposes, our All Purpose Fluid HiELube L 103 and its spray version HiELube A 103 are all you need„. They effectively loosen rust, displace moisture, clean assemblies, lubricate, protect against corrosion and restore contacts…


For your needs of storing/ transporting machined components without corrosion before next activity, we present the Spray HiELube A 102 and its liquid version HiELube L 102.. When applied/ sprayed, spreads evenly, solvent evaporates quickly and leaves behind a thin protective film which protects and inhibits corrosion-. Highly useful in mild environments and moving with moderate relative motion.„


HiELube RAM and RAS.. our Release Agent for Moulds HiELube L 101 and Release Agent Spray HiELube A 101 provide the right balance of slip and barrier for clean, easy release of intricate objects in plastic moulding… and leave very little residue„. For products that need painting/ printing as next steps we have HiELube L 104 and HiELube A 104, the Silicone free range.„

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