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About Promoters

Promoted by technically qualified professionals having over 40 years of industrial experience in German and American Multinational Companies with specialization in the areas of Application Engineering, Innovation Management, New product development, Formulations, Commercialization of the developed products, Manufacturing, Process/ product improvements, in the MRO, Specialty Lubricants product range covering


  • Specialty Lubricants
  • Maintenance products,
  • Corrosion Protection Products
  • Water based and Solvent based solutions,
  • Assembly and Anti-seize pastes, slurries and emulsions.

Phase I Products

The products, branded HiELube Specialities / VfM/ BikePro,are available in aerosol spray cans, handy dispenser bottles, and several user friendly pack sizes

Product Portfolio

Our HiELube brand of MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) products and specialty lubricants which enable effective asset management solutions for the customers.

  • In Phase I, Oil and Solvent based products for the MRO segment and some specialty Oils will be offered.
  • In Phase II, Semi solid and greases are planned.

The following category of Products is offered:

  • Cleaners
  • Cleaner Degreaser
  • Rust preventives
  • Corrosion Protection products
  • Multifunctional fluids
  • Mould release agents
  • Chain Lubes
  • Gear oils &
  • Specialitylubricants for demanding applications


Metal surfaces and cleaning bearings by removing oil, grease and dirt residues in most jobs.

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HiELube L 106 and its aerosol version
HiELube A 106
HiELube L 120 and
HiELube A 120


Effectively loosens rust, displaces moisture, Cleans assemblies, Lubricates, Protects against corrosion and restores contacts…

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HiELube L 103 and its spray version
HiELube A 103


Our Rust Release Liquid and its aerosol product are ideal for loosening rust and preventing flash rusting by providing protection before next action….

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HiELube L 114 &
HiELube A 114


  • Our Corrosion Protection Products protect and inhibit corrosion by spreading evenly when applied/ sprayed. The  solvent evaporates quickly and leaves behind a thin protective film.
  • Highly useful in mild environments and moderate relative motion
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HiELube A 102 and its liquid version
HiELube L 102


HiELube Mould Release agent for Moulds and Release agent spray provide the right balance of slip and Barrier for clean, easy release of intricate objects in Plastic moulding… and leave very little residue…

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HiELube L 101,
HiELube A 101
HiELube L 104
HiELube A 104


Anti Spatter Spray has application in welding activity. Weld spatters from the area surrounding the welded area can be easily removed, where the anti spatter spray has been applied previously. Sliding spatter can be brushed off. When used in automatic and semi automatic machines, it extends nozzle life by ensuring free flow of wire.

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HiELube A 112


Belt Conditioning Spray helps to keep clean and maintain belts in good condition, reduces slippage and improves grip and prevents slippage and squeaking…thereby extends belt life

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HiELube A 107


Vanishing Oils provide a stable film throughout the Forming, Stamping and Complex bending and pressing applications in ferrous metal, High Nickel steel , aluminum, brass and other sheet metals and provide adequate lubricity

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Available in different grades based on drying rate, application and post operation requirements

Advantages to our Channel Partners


  • Sales and Application Engineering support
  • Training provision for dealers and end customers
  • Incentive campaigns
  • Communication and information tools
  • Expert technical advice service

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