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HiELube  L 108

·    Lubricates effectively roller chains of forklifts, two-wheelers, Bowden cables, hinges etc · Adhesive protects at high speeds · Highly adhesive, does not get thrown off  even at high speeds
Adhesive Chain Lubricant
·     Penetrates into difficult to reach areas and ensures lubrication · Penetrates all crevices · Effectively penetrates the gaps between bush/roller and the pin
·    Excellent wire rope lubricant · Protects against rust and corrosion · Water repelling character and additives help fight against rusting
· Extends life  of chains/ components · The new generation anti-wear additive ensures higher chain /component life

 HiELube L 123

For Lubrication of speed frame long  collar spindles · Provides excellent lubrication · Excellent Lubrication
Textile All Purpose Fluid
· Reduces wear · Wear and friction reduction
· Stays on the spindle for a long time · Extended re-lubrication intervals
· Protects the long collar against corrosion · Corrosion protection

HiELube  L 124

·    For High speed Roller Bearings · Provides excellent lubrication at high speeds · Synthetic oil based
High Speed Oil
·    Bearings in synchronous motors and Turbines operating at high speed · Does not get thrown off · Low internal resistance
·    High speed Gears · Reduces wear · Leaves no residue

HiELube  L 110

·    For lubrication of Chains operating in severe environments ( high temperature, Humidity ) and heavy loads · Spreads well due to superior wetting property · Low evaporation loss Leaves no residue
High Temperature Chain Oil
·    Drying ovens, Lehrs, furnaces and kilns · Sticks to the surface and does not drip even at high temperatures · Provides wear resistance
·    chains in glassworks, foundries, rolling mills & paint shops · Lubricates and reduces wear · Stable over a wide temperature range

 HiELube L 101

·    Injection Moulding and plastics extrusion · Spreads evenly · Good Coverage
Mould Release Agent
·    Rubber and plastic components lubrication · Penetrates crevices · Low friction and high lubricity
·    Mould release for complex and intricate shapes · Forms a thin wet film · Thin wet film stable till 200 Deg C
· Leaves no residues · Effective release
· Leaves no stain

 HiELube L 104

·    Ideal for release in injection and blow  moulding · Spreads  uniformly · Good Surface Coverage
Silicone Free Mould release agent
·    Mould release of parts that need to be painted · Provides   slip for plastic flow · Silicone oil free
·    As a nozzle spray in automatic welding machines to extend life · Forms    a thin wet barrier film · Thin, Stable wet film
· Leaves  very little residue · Easy , clean separation of moulded plastic objects
· No need for cleaning of moulded object before painting

HiELube L 103

·    Easy, quick dismantling of seized or corroded screws, bolts, joints · Loosens rust rapidly · Useful in dismantling seized threaded connections and joints
All Purpose Fluid
·    Corrosion Protection · Penetrates crevices · Resulting thin film protects  against corrosion
·    Eliminating squeaking noise from joints and appliances · Displaces moisture · Film removable with common solvents
·    Starting wet engine · Cleans complicated/delicate assemblies · Can be used on painted surfaces
· Lubricates precision components
· Inhibits corrosion
· Restores wet electrical contacts

HiELube  L 116

Synthetic  All Purpose Fluid

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